life of an early graduate

Today I sat with one of our fellow students and asked her a few questions about her graduating early in the year of 21-22. The first question that I asked was the obvious question of how she did it, so we can inspire other students, her reply was “I had put forth energy, time, effort, and motivation. When putting all four of those elements together it showed me a path to be able to graduate. I had earned all my credits each year without free periods and help from my teachers and students. Hard workers always make it in the long run.” I love how dedicated she is and how confident she is with her answer. Next question i asked her was what was your biggest challenge, She answered this question with, “Time managing school and home because every time I had homework i also had my family to take care of. I always stayed up till past midnight doing work cause i always wanted to get everything done in one day.” She overcome her challenges and faced them head on which leads me to my last question, What does she plan to do after she graduates? ” After I graduate I plan to attend UNLV to study social work and fire science, take care of my grandparents, and become a firefighter.” And that concludes my interview of Someone graduating early and the plan she created.

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