life of a yearbook student

Every year our school Harrison high school produces these amazing yearbooks but no one really sees the work that our yearbook staff does in order to make these yearbooks. A lot of people don’t see how much work it is to make a yearbook and it doesn’t just happen. we have a team of editors, photographers, event planners, and advertisers. Each of these committees have there own jobs to do and they are all just as equally important in order to make the yearbook work. The yearbook class has to not only take the pictures for the yearbook but we also have to put the yearbook together. Each person is assigned a group such as sports, club, student life, staff, etc. then within those groups for example in my group sports, each person in that group would divide up those pages and everyone gets about a page and a half. Then we can start to put all the pages, pictures, and caption all together to give the students of Harrison high school the best memories in there yearbook so they can have the best experience. Lets get some yearbook staff opinions about how they view the yearbook class. The question i asked was what is your opinion on yearbook class? one person said, ” I honestly like this class it is fun because it is not normal work and you get to be part of a big project for most of the year and you get to like see how different club and people are and it really opens your eyes to see how school is here.” The second response is, ” I like this class i think it is a lot of work sometimes but it is worth it. I get to work with a lot of people and make new friends in this class, It is on of my favorite classes and i cant wait to see if i can take it next year. I learn so much new stuff about this school while looking through a camera lens and it is amazing.” and my last response to this is, ” It is a very interesting class and you get to experience different things and take pictures which i love.”

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