Comes And Goes In Waves

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hello my fellow readers! I hope that you all are doing well and are having a good school year so far. It’s crazy that this first semester is almost over. Time has really flown by so fast and I still can’t wrap my head around how fast the school year is going by.

This is most likely my last blog post due to myself getting ready to depart from this school and graduating in now 14 days.

I am excited but also sad to leave. It feels very weird honestly because I have been in school for the longest time and now I am finally almost done. I am excited to move on but I am also sad to leave my friends and teachers behind and finish my highschool experience.

Once I finish highschool soon I plan to start selling more of my artwork and focusing on chasing my dreams of being a famous artist and a teacher. I will come visit every once in a while to say hi to my fellow teachers and friends though while I am chasing my dreams.

For my fellow seniors out there keep pushing through. You guys are almost there and you are all working so hard. You all are doing great and I hope you all have a good rest for your time in highschool. Keep making memories and enjoying school life and just life in general. You got this guys. Keep chugging along. I hope you all enjoy graduation and moving on after highschool. Good job everyone.

To the juniors, sophomores, and freshman; keep pushing through. You guys have so much ahead of you in school. I encourage you guys to attend the dances (at least 1) and to keep hanging out with your friends. Keep pushing through and even though it gets hard sometimes keep pushing through. Also keep doing well in your classes so you don’t have to take a bunch of omi in your senior years. Keep making the most of highschool and push though it all. Good luck and have fun.

I would also like to write a quick shout out to my Avid 12 class. You all work so hard in that class and everyone always make everyone else feel welcomed. I always enjoy going to Avid and having it be like we are all family there. I like how close we have all gotten and I will miss you guys as well when I do leave soon. I hope you all keep chasing your dreams and pushing along in life. I wish you al the best.

I would like to shout out a few others as well.

Shout out to all the teachers I have had this year ( Mr. Pollard, Ms.Landgren, Ms.Turner, Ms.Woods/Ms.Caldwell, Mr. Stapleton, and Mr. Brown). You all are awesome and I have had you all for a while even before my senior year. You all are so positive and fun. I enjoy your classes and all the jokes you all have made. I enjoy being in your classes and having you all be my teachers this year. You all have been helpful in guiding me whenever I needed help and are great teachers to have.

I would also like to shout out Ms. Delisle. I have not had you this year but I had you for my other previous years in school. You are a great teacher as well and I enjoyed attending your class. It was very fun and I enjoyed how you would teach class and make it very interactive. You were also very positive and a great teacher to have had.

I would also like to shout out Ms. Mohammad. You are a fun teacher as well and I enjoy sitting in your class still. You ae very kind and a great teacher. Your very positive and I enjoy learning from you and talking with you as well. You always have a smile on you face and you always have interesting topics for us to talk about in class and have debates over.

Thank you everyone (teachers, friends, etc) who has been part of my highschool experience. Overall I had a good highschool experience even with all the ups and downs. Thank you all for being a part of that and allowing me to be a part of yours. You all have helped me push though this crazy highschool roller coaster and I will miss you all. I also promise to visit because a lot of you have been asking me to so I will uphold that promise.

I wish you all nothing but the best and I will miss you all when I do leave.

I hope you all have a good winter break this year as well. When I do leave I will be spending time with family and friends. I will also do chocolate calendars with my family which we do every year and helping my family decorate for the holidays. I also hope to go sledding or snowboarding if it snows this year. If not I’m just gonna find a big hill to ride my sled on and call it a day. lol.

Signing out,


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