Shark Meat OoOhAha

On TikTok there is this dude who does random facts about animals (the not so nice facts) there was this video about whales right? And they were dead, so when whales die, like all fish they float with their belly’s up and so my mind thought….”hey! I want to see one explode!” so I go look up “exploding whales” , because why not? And (yes I did see them explode) it was so weird and interesting because they can cover a good part of a street if they exploded, so then I look on the recommended tabs and I see “Shark meat” and I didn’t even know people ate sharks?? So this led me down a rabbit hole of meats, Shark Meat is EXTREMELY bad for humans, like if you eat it, you will die , because there is so much toxins in marine life (Mercury) and sharks have this specific toxin that causes, diarrhea, puking and all that good stuff and then you go into Cardiac Arrest and…die about 3-7 days after you eat shark meat you will most likely die which is so crazy because you’d think “well its meat???? it’s not good for us?”, Eating humans isn’t good morally and physically because of different blood types and rejection but isn’t that crazy that I chose to look this up just from whales exploding? Crazy how the mind works :O

José Guadalupe Posada

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