Why My Favorite Songs Are My Favorite Songs

I have several favorite songs I listen to music a lot, My current favorite song is called “Butterfly’s Repose” by Zabawa, I’m actually listening to this song while typing this, I personally cant really relate to this song just because I’ve never tried to kill myself, and this song is more about not giving up, BUT I can empathize to this song, because I’ve been through some SHITTY relationships, and genuinely I stopped caring about life, I stopped doing the things I enjoyed doing because they broke me, here’s a phrase I love, ” remember my dear, you are strong, and loved, you’re beautiful, so beautiful, you belong here on earth”.

Here is another song I really love it’s called Pretty Girl by Clairo, the way I understand it is she basically likes males validation, she would do anything if they asked her to, and that’s how I used to be, I would do ANYTHING for who I was with, which men don’t deserve anything from me anymore, one phrase she uses “ill shut up if you want me too, I could be a pretty girl I’ll loose myself in you, I was so blinded by you”, I don’t listen to that much sad music, but I’m an overall sad person so it helps me not be sad, a cheerful song I like is Locket by Crumb, its just a trippy song, and Summer time is the time by Cuco is another trippy song I like, music is another way I express myself besides drawing, and if I REALLY enjoy a new song ill try to learn word for word that day, but I have more songs that are happy I just don’t have internet in this class to look them up πŸ™‚


Even a child knows how valuable the forest is. The fresh, breathtaking smell of trees. Echoing birds flying above that dense magnitude. A stable climate, a sustainable diverse life and a source of culture. Yet, forests and other ecosystems hang in the balance, threatened to become croplands, pasture, and plantations.

One thought on “Why My Favorite Songs Are My Favorite Songs

  1. It’s crazy how listening to music and lyrics can speak directly to our hearts, even if we can’t fully relate to them they can definitely impact us. Music can elevate our moods/motivation, improve our focus (I listen to music every day at work), help us relax, reduce anxiety, depression and stress, and help us to feel validated. Sometimes songs say exactly what we’re thinking and feeling and we’re like, “YES! That’s EXACTLY how I feel too!” I’m glad you love music and shared your favorite songs with us. Thank you! πŸ™‚


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