The day with Alexyss Leon-Guerrero

by LiLi Sharpe

Harrison High school has a diverse set of students, mentally and physically, here today we interviewed Alexyss Leon-Guerrero. Alexyss has a long day at school, when asked about her day Alexyss quotes ” I have a long and busy day at school especially being a senior and graduating next month.” Alexyss puts her mind and effort into everything she does. While speaking to Ms. Leon-Guerrero I asked how she feels about graduating and she responds with “I’m excited but scared, nervous and happy.” Seniors all over Harrison tend to stress and worry when graduating so speaking with Alexyss had really showed how it is as a senior. When asking for tips from Alexyss on how to distress she responds with ” Make sure to take breaks from your work and enjoy stuff you like to do. make sure to go outside cause we all need some vitamin D in our lives.” So to all seniors currently reading make sure to take breaks not everything is a rush and will be there when you get back.

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