Food lol

By: Julian Romo

There are a lot of foods that are good in my opinion, but there are some that I favor over others. I typically enjoy all foods except for some foods that are just gross. I’m Mexican so I grew up eating a whole bunch of foods from the Mexican culture. Enchiladas, Tamales, Chilaquiles, sopa de conchas etc. I love these foods because of how good they are and the memories that come with them. My grandma makes these foods all from scratch and she makes them so good. Not only do they taste good, but they aren’t that hard to make. That’s why I enjoy these dishes so much because they taste amazing and they aren’t that hard to make.

One thought on “Food lol

  1. Wow, Julian! I think you are speaking to my soul. These are my favorite foods as well, and for the same reason! I think these foods aren’t difficult to make, but take lots of time to make sure they come out perfect! Thanks for not only sharing but for making me hungry. 🙂


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