Draw, Color, Paint, Sold!

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hello fellow readers and welcome to my page. I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great year so far. It is crazy to think that we are already in November and go on Thanksgiving break next week. I swear we all just started school like yesterday and now here we are.

I don’t know about you guys but I am ready to graduate next month and start life. School has been a roller coaster ride with a bunch of ups and downs.

Anyway, to help take my mind off of the stress of leaving next month I have been drawing and even selling my artwork. I am planning to start putting my art on clothing and start selling it. If you guys are interested I don’t charge much (depending on how big it is, colored or not, etc.) and you can email me about what you would like.

Some of my artwork pieces are below.

Doodle I did for fun
Artwork drew for Mr. Pollard
Commission for other friendo
Doodle for fun
Commission for friendo

All my artwork is free handed and I am currently working on putting my art on stickers so I can sell them in both sticker form and just on regular paper. I will eventually get up to putting and selling it on clothing.


For a portrait (head to shoulders): uncolored=$3 colored= $5

Half body (Head to hips): uncolored=$7 colored=$10

Full body (head to toe): uncolored= $12 colored=$15

Full body and background: uncolored=$16 colored= $25

Specific character: uncolored=$13 colored=$16

Painted CD: $7

If you are interested please email me at vocolitaisout@gmail.com

Hope you are all enjoying the school year and are having a good day šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Draw, Color, Paint, Sold!

  1. Time really has flown by so quickly! It’s so exciting to read that you’ll be finishing with school in December. Great work getting here! Thanks so much for sharing your work; it’s beautiful!!


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