Have A Great Summer

It is the end of the school year, just a few more days and it officially over. Now its time for summer, what do you guys have planned for summer? I know that summer was more difficult last year and no one could really do anything because covid was really bad. But now its not that bad, and thanks to the vaccine its a little better than last year. But if you do have plans for the summer it still might be a good idea to wear a mask. There’s going to be a lot more places open and a lot more things to do this summer. Me and my family are going to take a summer vacation to Cancun. Its going to be awesome none of us have been so we are all really excited. I hope everyone’s summer goes great, everyone deserved to have an amazing summer. I just hope everyone has a great time and be safe.

Visit Cancún | The Official Tourism Website for Cancún, Mexico

Cant wait 🙂

By: Sophia Ortega

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