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By: Diana Avila Gutierrez May 17th, 2021

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It seems like yesterday Ms. Turner announced we would be having an online newspaper, now this is my final blog post. At first I was afraid that I would not be able to write about different topics every week. I feel that I grew as a writer and as a person. Every week I planned out what would be interesting to read about, I researched and interviewed to make each of my blog posts better than the previous one.

At the end of last year I got told I could graduate a year earlier, it took me a while to accept it because I was afraid of college, of life after high school. I wanted to spend another year in high school because I only went one full year because of covid. I seem to be the only person in the world who only went one year to high school!

When I graduated middle school I already detested high school. Three of my closest friends would be going to another high school. My first year in high school was easy and I learned many valuable lessons. Ms. Vega, Mrs. Duran, and Ms. Conrad were three of my teachers in 9th grade who made the year amazing. To Ms. Martin who works for Gear Up, thank you for everything you taught me and for always listening to me, I enjoy talking with you and you are a wonderful human being. My second year I took college classes like early childhood education, technology, and English. For ECE we volunteered at a preschool, every day I looked up to going to see the children and get to talk with them and play. It was my favorite time of the day, I made many preschooler friends and it was horrible that we couldn’t finish. All the drawings that the children made for me I still posses them and I will always keep them as a memory of the time I volunteered.

I promised myself to join sports and activities, but I did not do any. I spent all my time with my family but I know that life is not over I will do activities out of school one day. I am proud of myself for graduating early and with a 4.1.

I want to thank my parents for always encouraging me and being my motivation. My sister and brother for making me laugh even in rough times, I would not be graduating without the help of my sister. Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes of their lives to read my stories, especially Ms. Ramirez for always commenting on my post, it meant a lot to me to know that one person took away something from my posts, whenever I received an email that Mr. Ramirez commented, my day brightened. Thank you so much to everyone who read my posts, thank you.

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One thought on “Last Blog Post

  1. To start off, Congraduations Diana Im proud of your success. I really like your post, I feel like this school year was hard to many of us due to the struggles that COVID has brought to us.Im sure that anyone that reads your post is happy as it inspires them to do better in life and encourages success.


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