My Week In Minnesota

My week in Minnesota was great. I got too meet so much of my family. And I finally got to see the mall of America. It was way bigger than I expected. We went on all kinds of fun rides. And I got on my first rollercoaster, I am terrified of heights, But I’m glad I did it. And the day after that, it was time for my tias quince. It was the first quince I have been too, and I loved it. She looked so beautiful and amazing. We danced and had a good time the entire night. There was so much stuff to do there but just not enough time. But I cant wait for the summer because we are going to visit again. And I hope when we go we can do all the amazing things Minnesota has to offer.

By: Sophia Ortega

One thought on “My Week In Minnesota

  1. Im glad you got to meet your family members Sophia.Its always nice to be around new family. Hope you have a lot of fun on your next trip.


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