Goodbye High School

Thank you to everyone who supported me since I got here. I have been here only since November of my Senior year and I feel like I have accomplished a lot more than I would have at my old school. I don’t regret moving here & I chose this school because everyone would tell me this is a very good school that offers a lot of help. The other reason I moved was because at my old school there was a lot of drama and people wouldn’t leave you alone there. They would always find a way to bother you even if you’re doing good and even if you’re just minding your own business. At Harrison, people are so different. They actually respect you and if you don’t mess with nobody they won’t mess with you. I didn’t deal with any type of drama or problems this year at this school. I had the most peaceful, chill, 7 months at school – finally – and so did my brother. I knew it was stupid to move during my senior year, but if I wouldn’t have moved I probably wouldn’t be graduating. It was definitely a big change and a ultimately decision that was for the best. I’m so thankful that Harrison gave me all the help I needed back in November because I was really struggling during the pandemic, and my grades were just going down while we were online. Even if Covid messed up my last year of High school, it’s okay, because I took advantage of that to make the changes I always wanted to make. What I most like about Harrison is that the bathrooms stay clean, lol, but that it never gave up on their students and helped them get through this tough year. This is the end and as I look back to my high school years I realize I should’ve came to Harrison since the beginning, but no regrets. Just thankful for everyone that supported & helped me throughout the years. Thanks Harrison for tying my shoes so I could be ready to run! I’m going to miss you and the great people I met there. I’m glad I was able to make memories in these past 7 months to take w me. ❤


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