Tennis by Bailee Melo

Tennis has finally started! We are in our second week of practice and our first match is on Saturday (April 8th, 2021) at 10am located at Wasson High School. Come out and support us! *I will post the schedule below* Wasson is known as our home stadium because our tennis courts are no good, but that’s okay. 

Tennis a sport that is hard to understand, but also play. Two things about tennis that is hard and/or hard to understand is the rankings and points when you score. It goes like this:

-The rankings:
           -1 Singles

           -2 Singles

           -3 Singles 

           -1 Doubles

           -2 Doubles

           -3 Doubles

           -4 Doubles 

The Scoring:

           -LOVE All (which is basically 0-0)




   -But then it gets more confusing because it’s basically points from 1-4, but you have to win by two. But you can be tied throughout the game. After 40 points, and you you and the other team are tied then you go to deuce, then add in/out, and the it could be over. Unless one of you get the point and then it just continues between deuce and add in/out. Games can be VERY long. But it is fun.

If you want to play next year, talk to JROD or Mr. Ford in the first math pod.

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