Light at the End of the Tunnel by David Perea

Not all journeys have their happy ending that we would all want. But mine is nothing like that, I guess my journey is hitting that tuning point. As you guys know, I have been struggling with a disease called nephrotic syndrome,  where something in your blood activates your immune system to attack your kidneys. Well when I got the news last week that completely changed my mind. My kidneys are starting to make the recovery that I crucially needed. We were starting to hit the last resorts as a medication. Now that I have seen results I intend to push stronger to make sure I take full advantage of that new opportunity the lord blessed me with last week on Wednesday. I have gone through so much in the past year and to get that relief that my kidneys got even better make your whole attitude towards the situation change. You start to realize there is always light at the end of the tunnel. When my father told me you woke up for a reason, I can see that I really did wake up for a reason. The reason was to push forward and continue to make that progress and make the doctors realize they were wrong. They said I wouldn’t get better, look at me now.

3 thoughts on “Light at the End of the Tunnel by David Perea

  1. You’ve got this, sweetheart! Continue to push forward as you have and appreciate everything. I can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things you will accomplish. (:


  2. David, you are so strong and I am so happy to hear this news! This is a story of hope and renewal and I know you will use this to push forward, prove the doctors wrong, and come out happier and healthier in the end! Thank you for being so open with your struggle and sharing this incredible story!


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