By: Diana Avila Gutierrez

May 11, 2021

My mother is Angelica Avila Gutierrez, she was born in Calvillo Aguascalientes, Mexico and she is the best mother ever. Mom is the 7th child of 12. Mom has 8 sisters and 4 brothers. Martha, Maria, Carmela, Margarita, Juan, Concha, Sergio, Adrian, Raquel, Monica, and Alfredo are mother’s siblings. Most of my aunts are already grandmothers. The youngest brother of my Mom, Alfredo died when he was just a baby. Mom has dedicated every single day of her life to her children, she is a housewife. I appreciate my Mom because she never left her children, she is truly an amazing parent.

Q: What was your dream career when you were young?

A: A teacher or a psychologist.

Q: What was life like growing up with 11 siblings?

A: When I was a child the eldest of my sisters were already married so I was like one of the oldest in the house. The house was very small and we were all crowded.

Q: What activity did you do?

A: I played basketball and played with barbies when I was a little girl. The barbie’s bed was a shoe box.

Q: What jobs did you do when you were young?

A: I worked in a ice cream shop and cleaning houses.

Q: Is being a housewife hard?

A: It is hard but beautiful. I do not work but I have dedicated every day of my life to my children.

I remember when I was in elementary Mom would make me wear three jackets if the weather was less than 50 degrees. Mom does not know how to speak English, she has struggled with the language forever but I know she will eventually learn one day. Mom admitted that she never learned to drive because she was afraid that if she ever got in a car crash we would get hurt and it would be her fault. Mom gives me advice and always tells me stories and experiences. Mom always tells me that she is proud of me, that all my hard work will one day pay off. My Mom is a kind, generous, and beautiful woman. She helps anyone and is always there. Without my Mom being home and taking care of me I wouldn’t be where I am, I love her.

3 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Awe thats cute this post made me emotional. Mothers are such an important piece of our hearts. Always love your mom and thank her for everything. I wouldn’t know what I would without my mother.


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