5 Ways to End the School Year Right

1. Bring Grades Up – I know that sometimes it is not very easy to bring grades up to even have the motivation to do our school work but I know that we can do it. Finals are coming up and I think that if do good on our finals it could bring our grades up, so we need to get to studying!

2. Remember Why Your Doing it and for Who – School may not be the place where you want to be but remember that school education can get you far in life and can help you be successful. We all have someone that we want to make proud so go all out and make that special person proud!

3. Take Pictures – You might ask why? But remember that pictures are always memories and we might not see some of those people anymore.

4. Take the Time to Get Rid of Negativity – I think that we should start our summer with positivity and keep it that way. Negativity does not do us or anybody any good. Always think positive so that thing will come out good and as planned!

5. Say Your Goodbyes – I know that for some it will not be goodbyes but for us seniors it might be since we are all going to go our separate ways. It may not be a goodbye but a see you soon. So take the time to thank people or simply hug them.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to End the School Year Right

  1. You seniors are full of advice and I will take every piece of advice very serious this is very important. You guys have been through so much and yet have the most greatest advice to give I thank you all for doing these things!! You guys are AMAZING. After graduating I hope you all have the greatest time of your lives. I appreciate you all even though we haven’t met. Your advice is so inspirational you all are changing lives without knowing that’s how amazing you all are!!!!!


  2. This is a great way to give advice to the young students so they can stay focused on school. I know they can do it, they can go through any obstacle in order to be successful. I believe in you guys you got this, good luck!


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