Trying New Things

In my last school when I got put into Drama class they said “eww you like that class?” and according to people it’s a terrible class. But I never got out of that class because I like to always try new things and I ended up getting into it. People call me weird because they say only ‘weird’ people like that class. But I have been in this class for a while now I can’t believe I made it to Advanced Theatre when at the beginning I also thought it was lame & ghetto. I found that as time went by I had fun presenting & acting. When I moved to Harrison in November I met the amazing Theatre teacher, Mrs. Nicolas. Sadly she was going to leave for the rest of the school year due to personal problems so a band teacher was in charge of the class for the year. I was able to connect with the people in Drama and together we worked on a play, ‘Anger Management’ which was performed on April 29th. This was my first time presenting on stage in front of an audience. It was 6 weeks of rehearsing daily in class and during Panther Success to memorize a script. Due to some people slacking and not showing up to rehearsal we weren’t able to give the show we wanted or at least that I wanted from my group, but we improvised good so we were still able to give a show…lol. I never thought I would be able to do it. I was really nervous about it, and it almost gave me an anxiety attack before going on stage, but I was also very excited deep inside. I am very proud of myself for the effort I put into this. In the end, I was able to memorize my lines and didn’t look dumb in front of everyone, which was something I was scared that could happen. Also proud of myself for being shy & overcoming it. Being on the big screen is definitely something I want to do some day and it has now become closer to a reality!

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