Harrison comes back

By – Isabel Scarbrough

With less than a month left of school there are activities being packed in, especially if you are a senior. Due to a covid school year it has been different than ever seen before from online classes , limits to sporting events, and block schedules. But with the month of May we all get to feel like it’s a normal time at high school. Here are some events you might want to write down in your calendar

-Football has a playoff game this Saturday at one and everyone can come!

-May 15th prom is taking place , make sure to get tickets before they run out (Juniors and Seniors)

-In person AP testing is about to start up

-Senior final week starts the 17th

-Senior check out is bright and early morning on May 21st

-The moment many are waiting for , early May 27th graduation for seniors

-Although this isn’t a date , summer is closing in on us so enjoy the nice weather as it comes

The last month of school always seems to go fast with all the events packed into it. Although with all kids back in class everyday and less restrictions high school is getting the high school feel back. So enjoy the last month even if you have a countdown till the last day. It can never hurt to stop and smell the roses and with time going fast it’s good to stop sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Harrison comes back

  1. Yesss! Summer is right around the corner, congratulations to everyone that managed to get through 2021 school year 🙂


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