Create Thank Yous

The school year is almost coming to an end, we have less than a month to thank staff or students. I think that we should take the time to thank teachers for so many things for example this school year wasn’t the best but teachers still worked hard to make things work. We were able to learn and maybe sometimes there were some difficulties but I never saw a teacher give up with how online things work/in person. Even if a teacher has not helped you with something always thank them for teaching you something new or simply a favorite memory you has in their class (the small things count).

Let’s not forget about your friends or classmates. My friends have helped me a lot this school with class work or to even just make a class better. Even though it was not the best school and we weren’t really at school I think that after all we all have made it through. There so many changes and adaptations we had to make and not just as students but teachers as well. So take the time to thank those people that have made this school year better for you.

2 thoughts on “Create Thank Yous

  1. This is EVERTHING! This year has been difficult for everyone, all around, so thank you for reminding us all to be thankful and appreciative of all our panther family. 🙂


  2. I agree with you. Teachers have always supported and helped us through everything. Thank you teachers for always being supportive in every aspect, I appreciate our staff.


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