We are almost to the end!

By: Bailee Melo


May is right around the corner, and you know what that means, school is almost over! But that also means that the hardest part is coming up… finals and the end of assignments. Starting next week is the first round of AP tests:

-May 3rd: AP US Government & Politics

            -Physics C: Mechanics

            -Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

-May 4th: AP Calculus AB & BC

            -German Language & Culture

            -Human Geography

-May 5th: Literature & Composition

            -Physics 1: Algebra-based

-May 6th: US History

            -Art History

            -Computer Science A

-May 7th: Chemistry
                        -Spanish Literature & Culture

*You can go on College Board and view the rest of the Exams and their dates!

Season D is just starting! You can view my post “Season D has started” to get more information about which sports have started and further information about them. Fine Arts week is taking place! This week includes:
                        -A choir performance today (April 27, 2021) during Panther Success

-A band performance after school today (April 27, 2021) and then tomorrow (April 28th, 2021) during panther success

-I believe there might be another art show, but you’ll have to check in with Ms. Synder for more information.

And lastly finals week is coming up too, so you better study HARD!! There will be a schedule posted below that states all information and time schedules for Finals week.

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