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Hi all! Below is a poem by Jose Mendoza, our guest writer of the month. Please check out his work and drop a comment!

The American Dream 

     By Jose Mendoza 

The American Dream, where anyone can be anything, and we all are successful  

Where we can do what we want, and we are all happy 

Where an immigrant can come find work and live the life, they want 

Where a person seeking refuge is welcomed in full 

Where everyone is treated equal 

Where everything is perfect, yes everything, that idea is not obscure 

The American dream, which is only best described as what it is called, a dream 

The American Dream 

Where a deadly weapon is praised like a higher power 

Yet preys on the happiest souls 

Where that same “recreation” 

Is responsible for at least 24,000 deaths a year 

But protect the guns they say, give us our guns they say, we are protecting ourselves they say 

Where 61 died in Las Vegas Nevada at a concert 

In the 20th century alone, 312 in schools  

49 at a nightclub, and just more to name 

But yet, they needed protection because schools are so threatening, and so is country music too 

But do not let this fool you, teachers need them too 

But nevertheless, we need them, we really do, after all, what else is there to do? 

The American Dream 

Where our Lives are protected by the best, do you not believe me? Afterall, it is on their cars 

Who else are we going to rely on when a fake 20-dollar bill is passed, they get straight to the job 

Sitting on someone’s neck to watch them pay their dues 

But if it was a public shooter, they will talk to them smooth 

You see after all, we care more on the crime of someone’s skin, rather than the ones they commit 

Racist? No, Never that! That is just what our old friend Jim Crow would tell us to do! 

Where help, is just a call away at all times 

Except that call often takes forever to go through and by that time it is too late 

But even after all the police brutali… I mean accidents have been cleared 

They’re still here to protect and serve, ready for those near 

The American Dream 

The Land of opportunity! 

Where walls are built to keep those seeking a better life are kept out 

But when we go over, it’s a vacation 

Where on stolen land, we are the true Americans 

If they wanted it so badly, they could have fought for it themselves 

We are the stronger most powerful, and we earned this land ourselves 

Where 10.1 Million Americans are currently unemployed 

Where In 2018, jobs were at an all-time High! 

Where in 2018, There was also an all time high to people quitting and being fired! 

But we won’t mention it, why?  

Because why mention it when the most important thing to Mr. President is what’s happening over seas 

The American Dream 

Where in order to get a good paying job, you must first go into immense debt 

Why you may ask, well the college needs to fund their athletics somehow  

Where education is harder to get than a car 

But that can’t be right? 

The student debt amount is at 1.6 trillion 

Yet, automotive revenue is at 632 Billion? 

Still don’t believe me. That’s fine, they’ll teach you all about it in school for the low price of 50,900 

Not to mention teachers, bless their hearts, trust me they get paid enough though  

7.8 percent of our population, yet 100 percent responsible for our future  

But either way, they can get by on what they make, after-all those new golf karts won’t buy themselves  

The American Dream 

Where health care is so hard to come by 

Yet you need it because you wouldn’t want to die 

Where in other parts in the world, it’s free and no charge 

But what fun is that people can pay it, and if not, out of pocket  

Except when you have to sit there and die because you couldn’t afford it 

In 2015, over 1 million adults went  bankrupt due to the high prices 

It really can’t be that bad? 

Just ask this lady, who on June 29th of 2018, pleaded for no one to call an ambulance, she couldn’t afford it 

Keep in mind, her leg was stuck between a train and platform, blood and skin there, left to suffer 

The American Dream 

Where in 2016-2020 $55,200,000 of taxpayer money was funded for our president’s golf trips 

Where this same president, spent 26.1 billion dollars for an incomplete wall 

But don’t get me wrong, this man is a smart guy 

After all, he did host The Apprentice  

And was the bestest of friends with some of the worst dictators in history 

The list goes on and on, but to write about the greatness that this man brought 

Him and his patriotism group of people have brought  

Well, that would be a whole other poem, this is what we got 

The American dream 

where seeking change is so wrong, and we should stay true to our roots 

Where things such as #metoo #blm women’s marches and the list goes on is so wrong 

Yet storming the capital is so right, we do it for what’s right  

The American Dream 

Where systematic inequality is what our country is ran on 

The rich will be rich  

The poor will stay poor 

The Kardashians make millions 

And A doctor Is paying off his debt and trying to make it by 

Where you are often born into your forever living situation 

And there’s not much you can do 

But why would you when you can follow in your families footsteps 

Like father like son 

Like mother like daughter 

The American dream 

Where the reason it’s called what it is 

Is because “you have to be asleep to believe it” 

A so called first world country is living with past beliefs  

Where racism and discrimination is live and active more than ever 

Where guns are our safety, but also our first line for revenge  

Where health care is more expensive than death 

Where you never finish school, because it’s always being paid  

Where the people we use to protect us are often the ones we need to fear the most 

Where People of color are scared to be alone because of the harsh reality and mindset that is still alive to this day 

Where a doctor will make more than a teacher, yet a teacher is who taught them to get where they are 

Where real problems ae often overlooked because of something better 

Where the rich stay rich and the poor become poorer  

Where you will never be what you want 

When you are your stereotype 

Where you can be who you want, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be 

So, help, as long as you are the ideal person of an old “American” world 

The American nightmare 

Land of the broken promises 

Home of the oppressed  

5 thoughts on “Guest Writer Featured Story

  1. All I can say is, wow! I was immediately pulled into this piece and didn’t want it to end. I connected so strongly with every single word and unfortunately felt validation, frustration, and disappointment in the truth behind so much of this. Thank you for writing something that can tug at my emotions so beautifully. Wonderful work! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Your work really brought me memories of what life for me used to be back them. Things that you mentioned really caught my attention as there are many people that immigrate to the U.S to live ” The American Dream.” Great job on involving this piece im sure a lot of us were able to relate to this. Keep up the good work!


  3. I was left surprised at the end of this reading. As I was reading, most of these things made sense since ive experienced this before. Unfortunately today people still immigrate to the U.S for a better success. called “The American Dream.” Thank you for speaking up for other people as well, great job on this post!


  4. Jose, this is such an impactful poem of sadly, so many truths! You wrote it so well from start to finish. The start was the image and the ending the reality. I appreciate you sharing this poem, it is beautifully done and I love the examples you give to explain your thoughts. Loved this poem so much!


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