When Art Blocks Hit…

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hi fellow readers! Lately I have been having some art blocks and having art block sucks. In response to that I will be posting some art prompts for fellow artists out there. I do art prompts every once in a while and I wanted to create some of my own too to share with you all. Sometimes doing these will help my creativity flow again and help my art block fly away.

Prompt 1: creating a spirit animal

Choose your favorite animal and make it you favorite color. Make the color of their eyes your birth stone color. Whatever your favorite holiday is, draw them in that setting. Add your favorite food or drink and put it next to them. Have your animal say your favorite quote or you can add what you think they would say. If you like piercings and tattoos, add those to your animal. Choose an element ( Earth, water, fire, air) and make your animal be able to control that element. If you like the dark or nighttime, make your animal glow.

Prompt 2: Sweet escape

This is creating a space you want to go mentally. For your setting and environment, make it you favorite season. If you like to swim, surf, or like water in general, add a waterfall somewhere in you setting. If you like to stargaze, add a galaxy-like sky with stars and you can throw some planets in the sky too because its your world. If you are introverted, add a space for you to play video games, draw, etc. If you are extroverted, add some lights (Examples: fairy lights, tikki torches, campfire, etc. ) to your environment where ever you like along with a few chairs outside. If you are both introverted and extroverted, add both. Draw your place in your favorite season and if you like nature, add some flowers or plants to you environment.

Prompt 3: Video game world

If you like videogames, this is one is for you. Draw the console you use or play on often as a base (Examples: PlayStation, Wii Switch, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, computer, DS, etc.). Make the device you favorite color and make it glow. If you like water, make your device glass like with water inside it. Choose your favorite video game or one you play often and put your device into that setting. Draw your favorite video game characters from that game emerging from the device with pixels around them.

These are some prompts I created and may be helpful if you are suffering from art block like I have been. Hope you like these art prompts and that they were enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “When Art Blocks Hit…

  1. I’ve always heard of writer’s block, but never art block. It makes total sense, but it never dawned on me artists would experience this as well. Thanks for educating me on this. I think I’ll make my spirit animal with my kids this weekend. (:

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