Think About Your Future

We should all think about what we want in our future. Some of us plan or are going to go to college after high school and others won’t because college is not for everyone. I know that there are people that have a mindset that if you go to college it is the only way you can have a good career and be successful. I honestly disagree because I think anyone can be successful in life. College does offer some good things like new skills and you can learn new things as well but college is not for everyone. A lot of you say that maybe it is too early to start thinking about that but time passes by really quick.

Even if you are a freshman in high school you should still think about what you want in the future. It is never too early. Maybe you want to go to college or maybe you don’t. Senior year will get their faster than you think. So I think you should definitely start thinking about what you want and how you want things. Take the time out of your day to set a long term goal or short term goals that lead you to where you wanna be in your future. Set your mind to something and accomplish it!

2 thoughts on “Think About Your Future

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I completely agree with this. My dad is a retired construction worker and he did very well for himself, considering he didn’t even finish high school. College wasn’t for my husband either and he does significantly better than me financially, and I have my Master’s Degree. Success is the accomplishment of one’s purpose, not by money, education, or anything else. GREAT read! 🙂


  2. I totally agree with you. I have family members that never completed the course of High School and they are being successful in life. College is not for everyone but don’t worry because there are many more great opportunities outside school.Thank you for informing us great job! 🙂


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