As April slowly starts to come to an end, graduation continues to approach. I know as a senior that’s is all I am hearing about and imagine other seniors can relate. Watching the days go down gives feelings of excitement and sadness because we are almost done. Although this year has been a crazy one it’s nice to see things creep back to normal towards the end. These last two months are the final push and things can get hectic so here are a few reminders for my fellow seniors.

-send out graduation announcements if you haven’t

-order that pretty dress or clothes for under your gown

-keep up with college announcements and important dates

-buy a yearbook to keep the memories!

-Start studying for your finals , they are close

-Mark May 27th in your calendar

Most importantly savor the rest of the time we have in high school. I know it is easy to slack and want to be done but get those memories and laughs in. We are in the final reach and I know we can all do it. It’s a great accomplishment if you forgot.

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