Buy a Yearbook Now!!

The school year is almost over and I think that I would be right for you to end it with a yearbook. We all know that this hasn’t been the school year we wished for. The yearbook staff has made a great yearbook with all of your memories and your pictures. It was a little bit of a challenge to complete because of what is going on what we were able to make it happen. The yearbook includes memories that you had with friends, art work that some of you created, a picture of your self, sports/activities and also your favorite staff members. Also the theme of the yearbook is great/cool.

Yearbooks are a way for you to remember the memories of high school and how much high school was a good experience. When you look back you will realize how it was such a good idea to buy one. Don’t miss out on buying it. Remember that we are the ones that have made this year better even if we weren’t able to do a couple of things. So buy your yearbook for $50 and tell your friends to buy one too!

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