Shining In The Spotlight

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hello fellow readers and welcome back to my page. Today I would like to shout out Ms. Snyder and highlight her for showing panther pride at Harrison. She is one of the people at school who shows positivity and kindness and embodies the panther spirit at school.

” The best art days are when your hands are to messy to text and you don’t need a chair” – Ms. Snyder

Some interesting facts about Ms. Snyder is that she owns he own coffee shop up in Manitou Springs called the Loft Expresso. Her artwork has also been published in magazines and in books.

A way she plans to leave he mark at Harrison is by expanding the art program to include more art class options for her students.

What do you look forward to when coming to school and why do you like working at Harrison?

” It’s rewarding for me to watch my students grow as artists, even in small ways. In art class, I love seeing my students develop technical skills, appreciation and understanding for art.”

What do you like about Harrison?

“I have been passionate about art ever since I was a kid! I love creating art, especially through painting. I love that at Harrison, I get to think creatively, develop fun projects, and create with my students on a daily basis. “

What do you like about being a teacher at Harrison?

“I love seeing my students develop technical skills, appreciation and understanding for art. Being a teacher at Harrison has been an amazing experience and I love my Panther family!”

What is something you would like to tell you students?

“Something I would tell my students is: becoming an artist takes a lifetime. There is no quick way to success. If you’re not celebrating small victories and reflecting on your areas of growth, you’re missing out on the beauty of process. Relax, and be proud of yourself for where you are in this moment. Never give up on what you love.”

Some artwork by Ms.Snyder:

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