Spotlight Post

Diego Godinez is a junior at Harrison High School. He is in the IB program and is an amazing student who gets straight A’s and always looks out for his family and friends. His dream is to become an engineer, not quite sure what kind but I know that’s what he wants to do. He contributes to Harrison in a lot of ways, he gives his love and advice to everyone who needs it, he shares his energy and excitement to everyone, for me knowing him personally I consider him like a big brother and he is the the most caring person you will ever meet. How he plans on leaving his mark at Harrison, he plans on doing this by people not only remembering how good of a student he was but how good of a person he is in school and out of school because he is the same loving person inside and out. A true pleasure to have around. Some of his most interesting facts are

  • trucks, building them and watching other YouTube creators build their trucks as well
  • he loves food, any kind of food
  • he loves sports, more specifically football but also soccer and any other sport
  • he definitely likes to party and have fun, he is the life of the party for sure
  • he is also very adventurous and loves to go out and do things like go to car meets, hiking, and much more

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