Final push to end the year! We Got This Panthers!

Hello Panther Nation welcome to the jungle with Principal Vargas.  As I sit at my computer with only an hour before our 2020/21 spring break begins.   I was hit hard with the fact that we have only 68 days left before graduation.  This year seemed like it was in a crawl, but then again, we are on the back end of the school year.  In my twenty-eight years in education the feeling is always the same concerning the weeks that follow spring break.  The remainder of the school year is going to fly by and it is going to be graduation before we know it. 

As we embrace the last seven weeks of the school year take a breath and notice your surroundings.  Be grateful for everything in your life.   One major thing COVID has taught me is never take anything for granted.  Enjoy the small stuff as much as you enjoy the big stuff.  Take time to do all the things you love while you take risks.  Allow yourself to dream big.   This year has been a good reminder to me that even though time felt like it stood still, time still moves, so why not enjoy life!! Let’s have a great end of the school year and I hope everybody had the best spring break ever.

Go Panthers!!

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