Volleyball is BACK!

By: Bailee Melo


Season C has officially started, so that means volleyball has officially started! I am so excited to play again and it feels so good to be back on the court. Our first game is on Wednesday @ Mesa Ridge (it would’ve been today, Monday March 13th, but D11 had a snow day so we have to reschedule it). But C-Squad starts at 4:00, JV starts at 5:00, and Varsity starts at 6:00pm. Since the game is at Mesa Ridge, they use a different source then we do to watch the live-stream games, so I don’t know what it is. But if the game were at home (like it is on Thursday) then you can go to Harrison Panther Athletics on Facebook and watch the game for free!!

One thought on “Volleyball is BACK!

  1. I used to play volleyball middle school and first year of freshman ☹️ I miss playing volleyball I got off track and just stopped playing. You girls did a good job keep up the good work !


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