It was beautiful while it lasted

January 20th, 2021

We got the most disappointing news ever, on the day we found out my grandpa ended up getting Covid. He was having hard time breathing, he started not to feel himself the same. My grandma rushed him to a hospital that was 2 hours away from where he lives, because there was not more rooms in the hospitals where he lives. Right when they dropped him off my grandma already knew what would happen later on so she said goodbye to him like if that was the end and they weren’t gonna see each other anymore. The sad part is no one could be with him at all, there was no way where we could communicate with him just the doctors. Three days later after my grandpa was sent to the hospital, my grandma ended up getting Covid as well. Her health wasn’t as bad as my grandpas but she was still having trouble time with her oxygen. They also took her to the same hospital as my grandpas, we still couldn’t communicate with any of them but just get results from them. Days went by they were just getting worse and worse. We couldn’t do nothing about it but wait and pray and let god do all the work.

February 9th, 2021

It was 5am, we got the worst news we could have ever gotten. My grandpa passed away. I couldn’t believe it, we actually lost my grandpa. One of the greatest happiest lovable person anyone has ever met. That same day, everything felt so different. It was like like if he took a part of me. We couldn’t go to go see them buried because it was all the way in Mexico.
My grandma was still in the hospital, we couldn’t tell her the news because we had no communication with her and she was still really ill and we just wanted her to get better first.
February 21, 2021

Till this day I still believe that my grandpa and grandma were meant to be together till death separated them apart. God needed them both together or else they wouldn’t be happy without each other. Around 5 pm we got the news my grandma passed away. Everything crashed down again, the same pain came back. They both took a very big part of my heart But at the same time it’s a happy/sad feeling because they both knew they needed each other, and they are now happy with each other wherever they are.

One thought on “It was beautiful while it lasted

  1. This teared me apart 😦 . Im so sorry for your lost, its crazy to see how Covid has taken the lives of many people. They are now in a better place keep your head up. I beat you looked up to them a lot.


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