Its almost fourth quarter

Third quarter is coming tp an end but don’t be scared because we have a whole other quarter to get us in the right place. If you don’t like your grades right now its okay because these don’t go on the permeant transcript! It is go time to start pushing out the rest of the year and getting those grades up. Especially if you are in sports since many are in season with covid changes. Even if you have a very busy schedule we have spring break coming up in a short amount of time. That gives you a whole week of no school to catch up on anything you need. If you are happy where your grades are then spring break is a time to look forward to and relax. If you are stressing about school fourth quarter means that we are almost done and summer is within our grasp. If there is anytime to buckle down during a school year, now is a good time. We still have a lot of time before the last day of school but like most of the time it will come quick.

Incase you need it, here is a snapshot of what the rest of this school year looks like.

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