Reminder: The Yearbook is still for sale!!


By: Bailee Melo

Hello and good evening/morning/afternoon/ or for whenever you are reading this post, just a small reminder that the yearbook is still for sale and we would really appreciate if you would purchase one! You can purchase on on and purchase yours for $50. BUT if you want $15 off your yearbook, you can put in the code YEARBOOK2021 . Or you can contact Ms. Chitmon-Turner in room 211 or by email at for more information.

This year’s yearbook is based off a timeline from June 2020 – March 2021 (because that’s when it is due). So send in your pictures to either:

-Ms. Chitmon-Turner

-Myself (

-Richie Harris

-Leila Anderson

-Leilani Inclan

You can also purchase an ad or page page yourself and/or you and your friends. Starting at $25. They can range up to $100 or maybe even more!

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