End the School Year Right

We are are almost half way through second semester (almost done with 3rd quarter). We only have one quarter left of this school year. I know that we all want to end the school with good grades. There is still time to bring those grades up. There are so many things so you can do to bring up those grades it is not hard.I think the most important thing to do so that we can do good in school is to be have motivation, be positive, and have energy as well, I would say that those things are the most important because we sometimes don’t do certain things because we don’t feel motivated.So let’s get up for school (if online you can even do it in bed) but put energy into doing the work that is assigned and homework as well.

You can keep track of your work or homework on your phone or on a planner and every time you complete one just cross it off and turn it in, it will honestly make a difference. Don’t forget the attend class it is a big thing as well to attend. Also if there is a chance to get extra credit then do it, it won’t hurt to it. So let’s get some food grades to end the school year right, I don’t mean to get all A’s B’s and C’s aren’t bad at all because at the end of the day what matters is that you actually pass those classes!

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