Zodiac Signs

By: Diana Avila Gutierrez February 25th, 2021

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

The zodiac signs are astrological signs in which your birth month and date determine what category you are in. There are 12 zodiac signs which are: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. The zodiacs depend on the Earth’s orbit and the Sun’s path. Not many people know where the zodiac’s origin came from, they come from the Babylonians. The Babylonians are the same people who had one of the seven wonders of the world which were The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Aries: March 21-April 19

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Gemini: May 21-June 21

Cancer: June 22-July 22

Leo: July 23-August 22

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Libra: September 23-October 23

Scorpius: October 24-Novemer 21

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Each of the zodiac signs have a specific element, those elements are; fire, water, air, Earth. To me zodiac signs are so interesting and I love hearing my horoscope on tv. The zodiac signs are just categories they don’t mean much, if one says that a character trait for your sign is stubborn and you are not then you don’t have to believe it and everything they say about you, you know who you are, a zodiac sign does not define you or your future. You define that yourself.

Photo by Tobias Bju00f8rkli on Pexels.com


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