The University of Kansas

Kansas is not one of the places that sparks excitement when mentioned. Its seemingly a plain state with no mountains or beaches and big cities. Although The University of Kansas is where most of the props come from and there is good reason for it. In 1865 KU was founded and took a lot of history with it. To start they are the only college with the mascot being a Jay Hawk because in civil war the Jayhawkers were the fighters in bleeding Kansas for the free state. KU has history all around it and many things very popular today came from this University.

Rock chalk, Jayhawk...KU. Some of my best memories are from my time spent  at the University of Kansas | University of kansas, Beautiful places,  Favorite places

It is a very pretty college with lots of history but the reason KU is so great is because of the sports. Being a D1 college brings a lot of pressure to be good at sports because that’s the title. For the first time ever I am not talking about football but basketball for a good reason. The University of Kansas better be good at basketball since the creator of the game was the first basketball coach and brought the game to KU. Reason why their court is officially named after him. As well as inventing the game of basketball he created the first football helmet too, man did a lot for sports. For all my none sports people the nuggets stadium fits about 20,000 people and that’s a professional sport. Now the Allen Fieldhouse fits about 16,300 and for college basketball that is considerably big.

Allen Fieldhouse: Proof that Newer Isn't Always Better
Allen Fieldhouse at KU

Talking about Allen Fieldhouse and basketball we might as well add in school spirit because KU is known for it. The famous Rock Chalk is what KU is centered around and its a chant they sing mainly before the game. The crowd makes the game great with the loudness and they bring. They are cheering for a good basketball team too with three championships and 11 division championships its impressive. Kansas can seem like a pass over state but the college alone brings the love into Kansas. If you are unsure about where to go to college, I would look into KU.

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