The start of Season B’s ending!

By: Bailee Melo


The Cheerleaders at a basketball game

Season B is ending very soon, that means Basketball (boys & girls), Wrestling, Swimming, and Cheer are coming to an end.

-(unless they are in the playoffs and/or state)

As you may know, or you might not, this year our league has slightly changed. So we play new people that count as league games. Who’s new in our league this year you may ask, well Coronado and Palmer are. Meaning we have to play people that are in our league twice. And right now we are in the second round of league games, or at the start of league games again.


-The next game is against Mesa Ridge (girls @ Home & boys are away)


-Their next match is on Monday, the 23rd, against Coronado & Palmer

This is Antonio Camey Valdez, a sophomore, wrestling against another Wrestler from Mitchell

You can watch all games and/or matches on the Harrison Athletics page on Facebook!

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