Valentine’s Day Everyday

By Principal Vargas

Welcome to the jungle with Principal Vargas, Panther Nation!  This is the month of love and romance.   As we all know, February 14th is Valentine’s Day.   When I was your age, a long time ago, I thought Valentine’s Day was giving out classroom valentine cards, bringing a brown paper back to collect valentine cards, and eating all the chocolate I could eat.  I can remember Valentine’s Day 1980, hoping to get that special Valentine’s card from Sue Jenson.  I can share with all of you, 30 years later, I never received that special card from Sue, but I sure did tell my home boys I did.  Had my little sister write out a card to show off to all the guys who were also waiting for a card from Sue.  Who would have known this would be a life lesson for me.

 As I grew up the meaning of Valentine’s Day changed.  It’s about showing love, respect, and treating others as I want to be treated.  Telling people how important they are to me and thank them for all they have done to help me be successful.  I never miss a day to let my wife, Callico, my kids, and my mother know that I love them very much.   I have Valentine’s Day, every day. 

As all of you prepare for the big day on February 14th.  I want you to think on how you can make Valentine’s Day an everyday holiday. Being able to tell your parents, siblings, and loved ones how important they are to you; thanking your teachers and staff members at HHS every day; being a positive role model for others, and finally, giving your principal a huge bear hug! After COVID!

  I want to wish everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day, and if nobody told you that they loved you, I DO! 

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