The Jigs and Saws Cards

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hello everyone! It’s your girl here with another post. So for this post I wanted to introduce you all to a “new” product. I put new in quotation marks because cards are not new but these ones are because I made them. I made them similar to Pokémon cards because one, I’m a huge nerd about a lot of things, and two, because I replaced them with my own characters, art, and style and three, I was so bored and my brain came to this conclusion so I wouldn’t be bored.

So short story short, since we are in a pandemic still and because I am also running out of ways to keep my little self entertained, my brain was like ” Hey, you should make your own version of Pokémon cards except different and the little characters should all look derpy.” Then I was like oooooo that sounds lowkey fun and now here we are with the cards I made.

For the cards I thought it would be cute having the animals be merged with food and to basically mashup other objects together to create something new. This is a little challenging for me because I have to draw in another style as well as creating new characters. I can change my art style so much and though this was a good way to challenge myself with this style more rather than the anime ish style I normally do. I thought that by drawing these it would help me more with my creative side and also I thought it would be cool to have them be like collectables.

Here is one of the cards and an example of how the cards and characters look. This character is Catamon. He is a square watermelon cat and he is one of my favorites personally besides Taco-suraus and Nacho Otter. Catamon is part of the series one cards and I am planning to go up to series three or four. I am proud of how the cards are coming out and coming along. I am even adding some of them in my comic book I am drawing.

Let me know what you all think of these cards and hope you all are doing good and having a good day. Before you go here’s my meme for you all for the day.

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