New Movies 2021

Are you a big movie person? I know I am, and I am very excited for the new movies that are coming out this year. 2020 wasn’t a good year for anything and not much movies came out but this new year seems to be giving some type of hope. A list of movies that seem to be coming out are Black Widow, Disney’s, “Cruella”, Godzilla vs. Kong, Tom and Jerry, Minions: The Rise of Gru, Fast and Furious 9, Space Jam, Halloween Kills, The Matrix 4 and many many more. Now I know it might be a little harder to be excited for these movies knowing that not much people will be able to go to the movie theater like before and watch them in a big crowd but hopefully COVID gets better and we will be able to go out and do things like before. There is still other options to watching these movies if COVID does not get any better and you can always rent the movie at home and enjoy it at home with your family. There were a couple behind the scenes on YouTube about these new movies and in the video you could see that the characters and directors were happy to get back to doing what they love but most importantly they showed how safe they are being while shooting these movies. Hopefully things get better in order to be able to watch these movies like before!

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