Valentines is coming up!!

What will you be doing? I know that some of us will spend time with our boyfriend or girlfriend, and others single but with friends. Valentines is not just for couples I think that it is for everyone. Valentines is a day that you can celebrate love, friendships and admiration towards someone. There are so many things to do for valentines but we know that we can’t really do some of those things but I know that we can spend time with friends or even with family or boyfriend/girlfriend. You go out for dinner, stay in and watch a movie, or even back some delicious valentines cookies. If you have a friend or someone that is pretty far then you can send them a text telling them how much you love them.

We all know that chocolates and roses are also a very popular thing on this day, you give someone chocolates or roses as a gift or simply anything you want. I also think that on this day we tell the people around us how much we love them or how much we appreciate them for what they do, I know that some of us don’t say it as much but we should all definitely do it because it is not all about what we do or the gifts. Spend time with the people around you and don’t forget to have a great time!

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