Valentines approaches

By- Isabel Scarbrough

Many people do not like valentines day and even the name makes the cringe but this year its time for self love. If you do have a valentines that’s great and if you do not, its time to have a day with yourself. This year February 14th is on a Sunday and the Sunday before we go on a break. Sounds like perfect timing to me and I come bearing ideas to fill the day.

There is a coffee place in downtown Colorado Springs called the coffee exchange with great drinks, food, and baked items being a good way to treat yourself. It is a very pretty building and if you go upstairs it has a Central Perk vibe an a great place if you need some new Instagram background. The Coffee Exchange is on a corner in downtown with a bug city type of energy, its always live and filled with people (covid friendly still) so if you aren’t feeling coffee get a biscuit sandwich or a giant piece of pizza. A full belly is a good way to start the day off but if food isn’t on your list I got more for you.

the coffee exchange from the upper floor

Flowers and chocolate are the staple with Valentines but who is to say you cant get them for yourself? Get yourself that heart of chocolate and the giant teddy bear and enjoy ever second. Order that thing off amazon you’ve wanted, like a gift to yourself because you deserve it. Valentines is about love but that doesn’t mean it cant be from yourself to yourself. Maybe its time to block out snapchat for a day because you know it will be filled with couples) and be in the moment. Even if all you do on Sunday is lay in bed and watch your favorite Netflix show, turning off the computer and school work. Its a day of love! So I hope you all show yourself the love you deserve over the weekend.

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