1 Person

by David Perea

Having many people in your circle isn’t always the best. When you’re really down you see people real colors, sometimes they ain’t pretty. You could even only have one friend and they can be the person that would be there even when they’re at their lowest. On August 25th of 2018, I found that one person. The person who has had my back in all of this mess that I am in. We may not always get along but she always has my back and I know I can count on her for everything. Having someone like that will always comfort you even when you’re giving up like I almost did in July of 2020. I wasn’t at my best physically mentally or emotionally, I felt like my body was giving in but She found a way to keep me going.

     To believe that I gained that friendship all over a piece of gum, it’s crazy but I thank God for giving me something he knew I was going to need. We’ve been riding for a good minute now and I don’t see that stopping. Bianca, i just want to say thank you for being my best friend, for being there when I was at my lowest point, for choosing to stick by my side. I’m glad you’re in my circle.

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