Ways to Save Money

I know that some of us work or that other receive money. We all have in a way saved up money for something that we really wanted or desired but let’s be honest there are times when it didn’t happen because you ended up spending that money on something else (I know that I have). We all want to meet a goal with that money for example to buy clothes, to go on a trip, or just simply other things. There are a couple of ways on how we can/you can do it. There is a bank where you can save it in of course but there are other creative ideas to do it. For example I bought some envelopes snd a small box and made sure that the envelopes fit in it. I then wrote a certain amount on each envelope and each day that went by I started to put that certain amount into it then put it in the box. It has been a pretty fun and cool thing to do. You can also just start putting money into a jar each day that goes by as well or every two days. There are so many other ways you can do it and I know with your creativity you can come up with something more creative and fun.

One thought on “Ways to Save Money

  1. Great information. I’m one of the persons that likes to waste money a lot 😭 definitely need to try this. Thank you for the tip good job


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