David Perea

People have been having a hard time recently. Challenges have hit many of us in many different ways, we may feel like we don’t want go through the hard stuff. But many of us don’t look at the big stars in fame and the challenges they were faced. To get to the good you first have to go through the trenches of your own head. Why do I say head? Because it’s all in the head, it’s all mentally and emotionally. Many would argue that it can be physical sometimes, but to get to that first you have to get your mindset towards something. No matter what it is nothing will be possible if you feel like you can’t do it or you push through the adversity. Having the right mindset gives you the confidence and comfort to get through it and accomplish those goals.

Every week I go to the hospital for a dose of medication for my kidneys

        The right mindset starts right when you wake up. That’s your biggest blessing and we over look that so easily. Our days are numbered and waking up is something not many get to see the next morning. With our life we control how we go at things. We control the pace, if you fall you decide how long it takes you to get up, you decide how hard you’re gonna fight back when you’re on your feet. I fell hard this year. It took me a while to get back up because of my mindset. But now that I’m up, I have to give it all I have left. 

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