By: Diana Avila Gutierrez February 4, 2021

In exactly one month and a few days one year ago, the world stopped. March 13, 2020 became the last day of school. No one imagined this would happen. I celebrated that we wouldn’t have school, but I quickly got bored and wished that it would be normal again. Months and almost a year has gone by and everything remains the same, I have learned to find different ways to entertain myself.


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This new way of living has caused stress to many people. My anxiety keeps on increasing and my only solution is to meditate. It is difficult to concentrate the mind because the mind is treacherous. My mind constantly betrays me and alerts me when I should be calm. Meditation helps calm the mind and is very useful especially in these times.

Read, Write, and Draw:

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I began rereading some of my all time favorite series like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Selection, and The Cruel Prince. Books help escape reality. I am currently writing my own novel which is stressing, but I love it already and I am sure everyone will soon love it as well. I bought a journal where I write down everything that happens in life and I make up prompts and write short stories about them to entertain myself. I recommend everyone to do the same which will not only help our writing skills, but also take our mind away from things. I began drawing a few months ago and sadly, I confirm that I am not talented at it. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a Picasso, draw if you enjoy it.

Call and Facetime:

Just because we aren’t allowed to visit or hang out with friend and family we can always find alternatives. I facetime my friends and family. It relaxes me to see that they’re okay and I love hearing the news they have to give me. Calling friends and family is something everyone should do to not feel lonely and just for fun.

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This quote reminds me of life before the Pandemic and of life now. Many people, including me, didn’t like school and now I wish it would be back to normal again.

One thought on “Activities

  1. I can definitely relate to you. When COVID started I just wanted to do something but we couldn’t because we were in quarantine . Definitely one of the bad years


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