One dollar over 100 pennies

By- Isabel Scarbrough

By the title it seems like this is about to be about money but its actually about one real friend, I would rather have one dollar (one amazing friend) over 100 pennies (100 meh friends / acquaintances) Anyone who has gone to school with me over the past four years knows Seth Fuller is my best friend. From the first week of freshman year to now we have been best friends and as cheesy as it sounds, I wouldn’t chose anyone to have spent the past years with. A lot of people think its romantic but I promise its not, that’s gross.

We met freshmen year because of football, I have about mouth with football and wouldn’t help barging in the conversation he was having about it. That was in math class in 2017 and now being 2021 we are still growing which is crazy to think about. The picture on the left is out first picture together and the picture on the right is our last football picture together. A lot has happened in high school and a lot has changed but our friendship is one thing that hasn’t and I am forever grateful for it.

Now I said last football picture because he moved at the end of 2019 across the country. The two pictures above are the most recent we have from August 2020 because I flew to him and surprised him. It was suppose to be for his first football game of senior year but covid messed that one up. Still he had no idea until I pulled up to his house, I planned the whole thing with his parents. Even though I left for DIA at 7 am and got to him at 8pm it was worth ever second, especially seeing the reaction when I got there. Even being 1300 miles apart our friendship hasn’t never had a rough patch. He old me to never surprise him again like that but I already have another one planned.

Having many friends is the hype and a big friend group is what a lot of people want but having a few good ones is where the hype should be.

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