By: Leilani Inclan

I’ve been waiting for the day that I took this part of me serious. A photographer a fricking photographer I am proud to say it I say it loud and proud. I had always been interested in taking pictures of beautiful people or things I see. Matter in fact as I grew older I always accomplished getting a good phone with a really good camera just so I can take pictures. The more I got into taking pictures I realized I wanted a camera a really good one too!, And I got one as a gift from my aunt and uncle. I still thank them till this day because it inspired me to take a big leap into taking portraits of people. So far I’ve been successful and every single client I have is such an amazing person, very cooperative. I have so many family and friends behind me that are supportive and help me in any way they can, but I do work a part time so all the material I have for my photography businesses I buy on my own. I truly hope I get more people and I inspire others who have a dream to accomplish it and you can do it!

Kerry & Rokk
Flor Rodríguez
Xitlaly Coronado
My boyfriends car

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