Importance of Investing At a Young Age

Investing has many benefits to your financial life. As you may know, the big talk of the money investing game is the stock market The stock market is a public trading place where you can sell and buy small pieces of the world biggest companies. Although the stock market is a great way to increase your piggy bank size, its no where near the only way to invest, especially if you are younger.

So, why should you start at a young age? Here’s a list

  1. Time

As a young person, especially one that is in school, you have extreme amounts of time. Time you’ll probably never have again as many adults know. Investing this time to learning and developing skills could make you millions in the future. This is no exaggeration. Take Billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffet for example. Starting developing and learning skills before he went to high school gave him a whopping net worth of $50,000 at just 15 years old. Today he owns large stakes in some of the world biggest brands, like Coca cola and Bank of America. He is deemed the greatest investor of all time, today he has a net worth of over 81 billion dollars and is one of the top 10 richest people on planet earth. Although having lots of money is wonderful, the greatest asset in the world is time. Drop a dollar and get a new one. Lose a day and you’ll never get that time back.

2. Opportunities

The world is in your hands at this age. Nothing is better than an opportunity. However opportunity is crucial and some doors may only be open once. Think of any big company today. There is a great chance that company was worth nothing at one point. These big companies had founders that were not rich at all and relied on investors to build there businesses. Wanna know how many people missed out on investing in Uber, Twitter, Nike, Facebook, Whatsapp, Fed Ex. A lot of could be billionaires. They simply missed out on the opportunity. If you are young your responsibility list is probably short in size. Which means lower risk. Kids actually have not much to lose but everything to gain. If you start to develop skills and get very sound early, it could change the course of your life forever. Its up to you to take this opportunity right now.

One thought on “Importance of Investing At a Young Age

  1. Thissssss! YES! Thank you for taking the time to write this. Investing is such a great thing to do when you are young. I never thought I’d get old, and here I sit…. old, with very few investments. I wish I had friendly advice like yours when I was your age. Wonderfully thought out article! 🙂


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