Hello Panther Nation!!

Welcome to the jungle with Principal Vargas.  I am excited that I will be writing monthly pieces for The Pawprint for this semester.  It looks like everybody had a wonderful winter break and we are starting the semester strong.  It was great to see our Seniors and Freshman in the building today.  

 As I was walking the building, I could feel the positive energy.  I took a moment to sit in our new Learning Commons and reflect on our past year.  We have been through so much together in a such a short period of time.  In March we were hit with COVID-19, none of us knowing what was yet to come.  During this time, our building started the bond construction.  We had workers all over the building, weird sounds coming from everywhere, and stuff stacked in areas we did not know we had.  In June, the nation saw the terrible incident in Minnesota with George Floyd, and how America came together with Black Lives Matter.  Then we all witnessed a presidential runoff like no other in history.   

Panther Nation, you are part of history.  Twenty years from now, when you are helping your children with American History, you are going to remember where you were when all of this happened.  What I also want you to remember is your time at Harrison High School. How you were resilient despite the obstacles with virtual and hybrid learning. You will talk to your children, nieces, loved ones, and grandkids about the events you faced in high school that gave you a hidden strength you never knew you had. You will talk to them about the undeniable excitement and wealth of emotions you felt when you received your Panther Diploma and that strength paid off.   

I’m sure in the near future I will be spending a lot more time sitting in our Learning Commons and daydreaming about our future together.  I hope you find some time to do the same.   

If nobody told you they loved you today, I DO!!   

Go Panthers!   

-Mr. Vargas

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