My Winter Break 2020

To me it felt like winter break went by so fast. But my break was great. At the beginning of the break we stood home, we didn’t really have anything planned. But then my stepmom said that we were going to Albuquerque to visit some family. But I was excited because I haven’t been to Albuquerque since I was a baby. The drive was kind of existing. But I can always count on my big brother to make us laugh and keep us entertained. When we finally got there we went to visit my older sister first, she had just got herself her first apartment. And we also had to bring a lot of her stuff to her. After we spent some time with her we went my my step uncles house. It was great to finally meet him and his kids, they are all so fun to be around. We spent the night there but we had a very busy morning. In the morning we got up very early and went to my step aunts house. She was getting ready to take my brothers senior pictures. She is an amazing photographer. She also took some pictures of me and my brothers together, it was really fun. But right when we were done we headed off to Roswell. We went to Roswell to visit my grandma, and my step uncle. We stood the night at my grandmas house, she was really nice. But once we all woke up it was back to Colorado, the drive didn’t seem that bad to me. We didn’t get to spend much time with them but it was great to see them. On our way back the sky was so pretty.

By: Sophia Ortega

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